Bauxite Automatically Processing Plant

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Bauxite Automatically Processing Plant

Bauxite rich in resources, but the quality is relatively low, to be elected in a valuable mineral bauxite, aluminum, we need to be dressing. But in the beneficiation process also will produce a large number of tailings, tailings if discarded directly, tend to cause environmental pollution and waste of resources, therefore, how the rational use of bauxite beneficiation tailings, has become a topic worth exploring.

Bauxite automatically processing plant after modification, with its low-temperature ceramic cement formulated with good condensation resistance and strength, made out of cement grade can achieve 525 # silicate cement requirements; tailings based on the modified cryogenic preparation ceramic cement as a cementitious material, quartz sand as aggregate for preparing an artificial stone, compressive strength up to 80MPa or more; based on the modified tailings prepared low-temperature ceramic cement as cementitious materials, sawdust and other materials for the preparation of low-temperature filling ceramic timber, flexural strength of 7.5 MPa or more.

For the characteristics of bauxite, the choice of wet and dry two ore dissociation techniques, both to ensure better ore dissociation, and can save investment, reduce grinding cost; microbubble flotation selection of integrated rapid flotation technology, completely bauxite automatically processing plant to overcome the current technical problems exist, flotation gradient flotation process for refractory ore tailings in the higher A / S coarse separated out again the depth of grinding dissociation, and then to separate flotation, fine mineral improve overall recovery rate and alumina; fine pulp by direct pressure filtration, tailings slurry using pressure filtration process after concentration; tailings directly into steam curing unburned; produce no waste emissions.

By comparison of the two programs can be seen crushing mill, while adapting to the time when the ore crushing mill and a traditional (semi) two autogenous grinding process, using bauxite automatically processing plant processes than conventional comminution processes less investment and quick production short process, the production process of ore mud containing a large quantity of strong adaptability, these advantages deserves some kind of mine when the plant under reasonable circumstances priority autogenous grinding process, semi-autogenous grinding process. In addition, since the mill, semi-autogenous grinding process, short construction period, a relatively small production operators, this advantage is especially worth considering for those remote areas. With the continuous development of science and technology, and for metallurgical products higher and higher requirements, (half) from the grinding process technology will have greater development space.


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