Cone Crusher Working Principle

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Cone Crusher Working Principle

In the course of the cone crusher, the motor driven by the eccentric rotation of the actuator, the movable cone rotation swing do the forced movement of the eccentric sleeve, the moving cone section near the cone of silence becomes the crushing chamber, the material by the dynamic cone and the cone of silence broken repeatedly squeezing and impact. When moving away from the cone zone, where the crushed material to the desired particle size under its own gravity fall, discharged from the conical bottom.

Crushing process is fixed between the fixed cone and dynamic cone movement cycle completed. Cone crusher, the horizontal axis of the crusher by a motor driven by V-belt and pulley, the horizontal axis through large and small gear driven eccentric rotary crusher cone axis creates eccentricity do spin pendulum movement in eccentric roles so sometimes broken wall surface near the cone surface, sometimes away from the cone surface, so that the stones in the crushing cavity constantly being squeezed, broken and impact crusher. Material crushed under its own weight is discharged from the lower part of the crusher discharge opening. Cone crusher motor cone upper chamber supported on the upper end of the spherical bush fixed spindle, set in the eccentric sleeve outside its lower chamber, its movement driven directly by the eccentric bushing.

When the eccentric sleeve around the shaft is rotated, moving cone not only with the center line of the eccentric sleeve around the rotary motion of the machine, but also about its own axis, the cone is moving around its center of support for the spherical space spin pendulum movement. Dynamic cone spindle centerline axis intersect at a fixed point, namely the spherical center, the angle of precession angle. When the crusher operation, moving cone axis relative to the center line of the machine as a conical surface movement, its cone top spherical support center, the point during movement of the movable cone always remains stationary. Thus, moving cone of motion can be regarded as a rigid body rotating around a fixed point, namely, moving cone of movement is provided by two rotary motion: the precession movement or implicated in motion (dynamic cone machines around the center rotary motion) and the relative movement or rotation motion (dynamic cone around its own axis rotary motion).

Cone crusher in case of no-load operation, moving cone rotation by a spherical bearing to dynamic cone friction torque and friction values ??for the eccentric sleeve moving cone of decisions, which torque, the torque dynamic cone that is so direction. Under normal circumstances are moving cone along the direction of rotation of the eccentric sleeve rotation, rotation speed is determined by the difference between the two moments. And this type of cone crusher cone in spherical bearings and movable between the lower bushing to control the rotation of the moving cone. In the case of a load operation, the stone for moving cone cone friction torque far exceeds the friction torque on the eccentric sleeve moving cone generated.


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