Maintenance Of The Vertical Grinding Machine

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Maintenance Of The Vertical Grinding Machine

How to maintain the vertical grinding machine for a long time without using it?

In order to ensure that the vertical grinding machine is placed for a long time without affecting the normal use in the future, the maintenance of the vertical grinding machine is a top priority. When using the vertical grinding machine, the company looks at the amount of material processed per unit time, pays attention to the output and the fineness of the abrasive material. Therefore, if the vertical grinding machine is not used for a long time, the mill will definitely It becomes aging, just like a person. If you don't exercise for a long time, suddenly going to exercise will be very laborious and painful. Therefore, the task of maintaining the equipment of the mill is very necessary.

Because the types of mills are different, the working environment is different, the species is very different. Sometimes, it is difficult for us to have a standard to measure whether our operation is reasonable or not. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary influence, we will stop using it for a long time. For the normal use of the mill equipment, we will carry out certain maintenance and maintenance work on the mill.

1. First place the grinding machine equipment, place it in a ventilated and dry room, and place it in a damp place. 2. The parts of the second grinding equipment are basically made of iron and steel. Therefore, rust prevention is the primary task. The external paint needs to be repaired again. For internal blades, grinding rollers and other accessories, butter is applied. Guarantee quality and make the operation unimpeded. 3. Finally, when the vertical grinding machine is needed, it needs to be inspected and cleaned, the engine cooling water is released, the engine oil is replaced, and the fuel tank is filled to prevent rust. And pay attention to the correct operation sequence when you turn on the device, so as to avoid the problem caused by not using it for a long time.

Vertical grinding machine is an independent living body. If you want to maximize its business benefits, you must follow the rules to ensure the normal operation of the machine. The maintenance of the vertical grinding machine and other types of vertical grinding machine are also the same. Do not feel maintenance. It is a waste, and people who eat every day are also maintaining a normal life, as is the case with mechanical life.


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