Precautions for the use of Raymond mill

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Precautions for the use of Raymond mill

What should be paid attention to during the use of Raymond mill

All the working parts of Raymond Mill are almost steel products, and the materials are seriously polluted by iron; the whole machine is high, and the factory has high requirements; the dust generated during the sound field is large. Pay special attention to the following points when using the mill: 1. The main unit should move under negative pressure. If there is a large amount of dust in the feeding port, check the seals, whether the pipeline is leaking, whether the bottom gate of the dust collector is tightly closed, and the overflow system is blocked. At this time, the air volume of the blower should be gradually increased. 2. It is strictly forbidden to drive the car at no load to prevent damage to the mill. 3. Feeding speed should be suitable and uniform. The material layer is too thin and wears a lot; the material layer is too thick, the air inlet hole is easy to block, the air resistance is large, the flow velocity is reduced, the abrasive material cannot be taken away in time, and the plugging machine appears.

The measures taken for this purpose are: automatic adjustment devices for electromagnetic vibrating feeders or impeller-type intermittent feeders. The U-shaped pressure gauge of the impeller type intermittent feeder is equipped with the indicator liquid of the deep color 4r powder machine, one end is connected to the atmosphere, and the other end is connected to the cyclone separator. When the material layer is too thick, the wind channel is blocked small, the air resistance is increased, the negative pressure of the separator is increased, and the U-shaped tube indicating liquid rises along the separator end, shielding the photocell beam, and the photoelectric relay acts to make the pawl suck Starting, the feeding is stopped; as the mill rotates, the material layer is thinned until it returns to normal, the indicator liquid drops, the photoelectric relay acts, the electromagnet is de-energized, the pawl falls, and the feeder starts feeding again.

4. Control of grinding fineness In addition to adjusting the speed of the analyzer, it is also necessary to pay attention to the influence of various factors such as the separator and the amount of air blow. 5, the control of the amount of feed operation: (1) listen to the host sound, when the noise is large, increase the feed; noise is small, reduce the feed. (2) Look at the host current meter: the input current is lower, the current is lower, and the rough current is higher. In the actual production of a factory 4R, the current is 70-90A when entering fine, and 100-110A when renting the material. The new grinding ring current is lower. The grinding ring should be replaced after 6-7 months, and the roller can be changed once every 3-4 months. It can be rotated, such as 4R, and 2 times each time.


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