Reasons for sudden shutdown during operation of ultrafine mill

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Reasons for sudden shutdown during operation of ultrafine mill

Analysis of the cause of sudden shutdown during the operation of ultrafine mill

Ultrafine mills will have various problems in the process of use. No matter what kind of problems will affect the normal operation of the mill, and even affect the economic benefits, so in order to avoid the condition of the mill, The daily maintenance of the mill is indispensable. The sudden stop of the mill is a common mill failure. What should the mill do with this type of failure?

The ultrafine grinding machine suddenly stops. First of all, we must find the reason for the sudden stop. Generally, there are three situations in which the grinding machine suddenly stops. First, the material is stuck, and the main shaft is broken, and the grinding roller and the adjusting sleeve are stuck. In these three situations, we give users different solutions.

The stuck material is stuck because the superfine mill feeds too much, or the material feeding property does not meet the requirements, which causes the mill to block the material, which will make the crusher working current too large, and the circuit automatically protects and stops the machine. It may even happen that the mill is stuck and forced to stop. In addition, when there is iron or other non-decomposable material in the crushing chamber of the mill, it will also cause the grinding machine to block the material or even the equipment to be stuck.

When the improper use of the ultrafine mill is caused by the spindle breakage, the mill will also suddenly stop. For example, in order to achieve the required discharge fineness, the discharge opening is continuously tightened. If unbreakable objects enter the crushing chamber, A clear impact on the spindle causes a sudden stop of the spindle break of the mill. On the other hand, when the mill is in an overloaded state for a long time, although there is an overload protection device, the damage to the equipment cannot be completely avoided, and the spindle is prone to breakage and the equipment suddenly stops.

Finally, when the ultrafine mill is running under load, the lock sleeve fails due to the pressure loss of the hydraulic station, and the adjustment sleeve rotates with the grinding roller. If the post personnel do not find and deal with it in time, it will cause the adjustment of the card to die, which will cause the mill to stop. The cause of the adjustment sleeve jam may be poor thread lubrication, adjustment of the cap seal or dust cover seal wear, adjustment sleeve and support sleeve thread scratch, or the mill is overloaded for a long time.

It can be seen that the daily maintenance work of the ultrafine grinding machine is very important, so here we remind the users to do the daily maintenance work. If you have other questions, you can call our hotline for consultation, welcome your call.


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