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Structure Analysis

At first let us take a look at hydrocyclone structure whose lower part is a conical housing, the upper connecting a cylindrical housing, catchy sealed cylindrical shell, the middle layer of bottom plate central overflow pipe inserted into a short tube, the bottom surface of the lower portion of the cylindrical shell tangentially connected to the mine management, the floor above the tangential direction along the casing is connected to the overflow discharge tube, the bottom of the cone with a replaceable grit mouth. Hydrocyclone multi cast iron manufacturing, to reduce the wear rate of the housing wall, also commonly used diabase, wear resistant material such as rubber lined.

Product Application

Hydrocyclone is used to separate the removal of sewage heavy coarse sand and other material equipment. Sometimes it also used for the sludge dewatering. Hydrocyclone is required for small scale alluvial gold mining.Hydrocyclone is divided into two categories that is pressure and gravity type two kinds, which often using a circular column structures or metal pipe production. Water by pressure or gravity structures flow into the upper along the tangent, under the action of centrifugal force, coarse particles matter thrown to the wall and rotate downward and the formation of pus discharge. Particulate matter rotation to a certain extent after two times smaller with vortex flow discharge.

Product Advantage

  • Classification of fine granularity.Primarily due to the use of a centrifugal force cyclone classification, the centrifugal force is many times larger than the gravity, so the size grading lower limit up to 5m.Now use more fine-grained classification hydrocyclone.
  • The structure is simple, lightweight and flexible, with no moving parts, is easy to manufacture.
  • Small footprint, the processing capacity is the same, hydrocyclone area of approximately spiral classifier l/30-l/50.
  • Low cost, easy assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance, small footprint, less the costs of infrastructure.
  • The classification efficiency is high, and sometimes up to 80%.
  • In the cyclone the pulp retention time of the amount and less down time easy to handle.

Operational Principle

Slurry under pressure through the tube to the mine along a tangential direction into the housing cylinder, rotary movement in the housing doing, coarse particles in the slurry due to the centrifugal force by a greater flow into the rotary peripheral, while the flow of the slurry to flow with the final grit from the bottom nozzle discharge become grit; centrifugal forces suffered fine particles smaller streams in the center of rotation and with flow skull on movement, and finally discharged as overflow from the overflow pipe.

Technical Data

Diameter(mm) Feed opening(mm) Overflow outlet(mm) Flow-down opening Tapper Cone(mm) Cyclinder height (mm) Handling capacity(m³/h)
GXX100 30×5 14 11 20 275 60 1.5-9
30×7 15
30×10 26
GXX125 25×10 50 15-30 20 225 110 2.4-15
GXX150 40×8 20 15 20 326 100 4.8-54
40×10 30
40×2 40
GXX250 50×20 125 35 20 595 170 6.5-61.2
GXX300 75 125 50 20 800 200 24-60


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