Fault Analysis Gangue Crusher

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Fault Analysis Gangue Crusher

Gangue crusher is developed in order to promote the establishment of the country's coal industry and to enable the investors to obtain greater benefit foundation. However, in recent years found gangue crusher will be a variety of faults in the production, so many users headache. This paper analyzes the reasons for the emergence of various faults from the analysis of the structure and the working principle of gangue crusher run, and try to find a better solution.

In any industry, any mechanical device after a long period of use will appear this or that wrong, these are inevitable. We can do is to find the cause of failure, and strive to solve problems faster and better to avoid economic losses. We all know that the production of the manufacturer's address in general will choose the city more remote areas, even if we buy products with good service, that service personnel due to transportation is not convenient or distance, etc., can not be Users immediately rushed to the scene to solve the problem. Therefore, it requires our own maintenance staff with professional maintenance skills and experience. The following is a coal mining enterprise in the operation of large coal gangue crusher common faults and solutions.

Common failure analysis

When gangue crusher hydraulic hit on such a situation, the possibility for this situation, there are many, according to the specific circumstances. For example, sealing machine convergence at the pad deformation, as long as the replacement of the seals on it. If gangue crusher axial dislocation occurs, the general solution is to loosen the adjustment bolt, adjust and then tighten. In addition, coal gangue crusher suction port is often blocked, there is no daily cleaning should be done, resulting in the accumulation of too much suction port dirt or dust, then as long as the suction mouth open and do the cleaning work, so keeping the suction port Cleaning can be. Before the machine is the most important job is to run the test run, you must carefully check the functioning of the machinery and equipment. When the device after the completion of the machine should be empty commissioning. Upon discovery of the problem, to stop in time to adjust overhaul. So as to ensure smooth production work.

Every user gangue crusher after long-term use will have their own set of maintenance methods and machines. Different mechanical devices and even different models have different maintenance methods and techniques. When should have greater technical challenge and more manufacturers to formal consultation to understand solutions. To ensure that you can quickly solve the problem in a short time, when the machine fails, so do not delay normal production. In the final analysis, is to choose a good machinery and equipment manufacturers. Zenith is a company with years of production experience and reputation of the best crusher machinery manufacturing company. We produce coal gangue crusher affordable and excellent technology, praised by many customers at home and abroad. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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