Improve Ball Mill Productivity

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Improve Ball Mill Productivity

Correct operation of the ball mill

For ball bulging belly harbinger There are several aspects to attract attention, one is to look at whether the ball to the mine mouth spit material, and the second is to listen to the sound ball, if the ball mill bloating, nausea sound becomes smaller, the third is to see the current mill control cabinet, in particular to emphasize that if the ball bulging belly, its current value is smaller, and many operators and engineers believe the contrary, they think bloating because of the larger ball mill in the ore, the current value is changed large, this is the wrong view. The principle is: ball bulging belly, because the larger the amount of ore mill, while more ore mill, ball, ball mill with the ore is operated along the barrel, mine ore particle size ball mill discharge port of the thicker, Then, a ball mill acting becomes small, the electric energy into kinetic energy becomes smaller, the power becomes small accordingly, a lower voltage, the power becomes small, causing a change in the current value becomes smaller.

Mill production problems

Generally speaking, the direct way to improve mill output has three kinds:

  1. Prior to setting the mill crushing machine;
  2. Improved grinding system, improve grinding efficiency;
  3. Plus home efficient classifier.

The above three kinds of methods, and any one kind of mill can greatly improve the yield. Of course, if factory conditions permitting, supporting the use of these three methods, the effect is the most ideal, which is the trend in recent years, domestic and grinding system design. Relationship between the three: the former is a prerequisite for crushing mill, classifier mill is guaranteed after grinding the transformation is fundamental. Former mill crushing granular material into the mill so that greatly reduced, thereby reducing the load on the grinding system; separator efficiency, the most direct benefit is to maximize the finished powder was promptly elected to reduce the finished cement powder return rate and reduce mill load; while the transformation of the mill, which is to improve the grinding system is the most fundamental solution. Material into the mill to reduce the particle size, the powder efficiency improves, if less efficient grinding system, not just the impact of the mill's production, but also affect the quality of the cement.

Improve the mill's production

Shrink into the ground particle size, reducing material moisture into the mill. In the narrow particle size into the mill case, seriously strengthen the basic work, such as the material into the grinding mill production increased moisture is also critical influence, control integrated into the grinding material moisture at about 1.5 to 1.8%.

Strengthening grinding management, improve grinding capacity. In order to increase the surface area of ??the grinding media, had envisaged narrow diameter of the ball, but did not find the diameter is smaller, the price is cheaper grinding. Finally, we use the tapered section, grinding three levels: In order to ensure the stability of production to Taiwan every 15 days with tons of feed consumed by the production of ball regularly fill the ball, so that production and quality steadily improved. Strengthen mill ventilation to reduce the phenomenon of over-grinding material. Additional pull the trachea in a self-designed ventilation system blowing production to solve the phenomenon of over-grinding of materials, improve productivity and quality.

Changes in transportation equipment, improve transmission capacity. After calculations, we enhance the hopper design, using the chassis, drive the same, only the belt wheel to the chain wheel for a chain belt, on the same axis of the shaft hole (round hole size is not the original shaft variable), the raw material for the new design change bucket hopper, drive the lower and top made some small adjustments, less investment, quick, high efficiency. We provide high-performance equipment and good service for our customers, in order to reduce the customer's worries. Our high degree of automation products, greatly reducing labor costs. Advanced technology and reliable quality make our crushers, mills stand out in the industry. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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