Silica Sand Beneficiation Plant

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Silica Sand Beneficiation Plant

Natural silica sand with natural rounded shape and a uniform particle size, composed mainly of granite, quartzite, quartz sandstone and quartz rock and other long-term nature through weathering and the formation of quartz sand to form the main mineral component of mineral raw materials. Currently, silica sand beneficiation using only simple washing, grading, scrub, magnetic separation or re-election process, can not produce qualified raw float glass and foundry sand.

Silica Sand Ore Beneficiation Process

Selected silica sand or silica ore concentrate from the process of sand or carve. Industrial silica and the impurity content meet the requirements of quartzite, quartz sandstone, quartzite veins referred to as silica. And the dominant component of quartz sea sand, river sand, lake sand symmetry of silica sand. Pure silica, silica sand theoretical chemical composition of SiO2. Associated impurity with mineral mica, feldspar, iron minerals, clays and the like. Glass industry is the largest user of silica and silica sand, in addition is also widely used in metallurgy, chemical, building materials, electronics and other industrial sectors. Metallurgical industry, smelting ferrosilicon silica or silica sand used by chemical composition into different grades; refractory products out there on its chemical composition requirements of refractoriness, density is also required. Commonly used methods of beneficiation washing, grading, scrubbed, re-election, magnetic separation, flotation, chemical processing and the like.

Silica Sand Beneficiation Plant Milling Principle

When Silica sand beneficiation plant mill work, will need the original material crushing machine casing from the side of the machine was added into the hopper, relying on the host plum shelves hanging roller means around a vertical axis of revolution, while rotation itself , since the rotation of the centrifugal force, grinding roller swings out, pressed on the grinding ring, so that shovel blade materials sent between the roller and grinding ring, this time due to the rolling mill rolls rolling to achieve the crushed material purpose. The milling machine milling principle is simple, scientific and reasonable structure, high production efficiency silica sand.

Higher quality and fine quartz powder southern China's processing silica sand for glass generated, silica powder can be used as raw material. In actual production, according to the quality requirements of purification. Or through flotation, magnetic impurities, grading or after washing impurities, pickling or impurities, and dried silica powder as raw material. Such as better quality quartz powder, after mined, washed with water to remove coarse particles and impurities graded after drying can be used as the production of fine grade E-glass fiber materials.


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